Cool fun for hot days, always relaxing and refreshing! Tubing on the crystal clear Delaware River is the place to be on those hot summer days. Lay back, relax and drift along. Tubing trips with Kittatinny fill an afternoon with cool, clean family fun.

You have a choice of two different tubing trips offered daily. You can either meet at our River Beach campsites location in Pennsylvania or our Barryville Adventure Center in New York. Whichever trip you choose, Kittatinny will transport you upriver to a launch site that will give you a 3-mile float trip.

Tubing trips will generally last between 2 to 3 hours depending on river conditions. You will finish at the campground where you met us. There you have use of our bathhouse facilities for drying off, cleaning up and changing clothes. You can reserve your Kittatinny tubing trip for any time during the day, but we usually recommend beginning around noon or a little later. This way, you will have had the opportunity to have your lunch, and because you are actually in the water for the entire trip, it is better during the hottest part of the day.

Tubing trips are available to children who properly fit our open bottom tubes and feel comfortable floating independently.

Tubing $26.00 per day per person with advance reservation/deposit
Rates are per person with advanced deposit prior to date of trip. All rates are $2.00 additional per day without advance reservation deposit. This does not include sales tax, damage release, or security deposit. Rates are subject to change.
Trip Selection
Trips Approx. Trip Time
in Hours
Trip Length Book Online
Meet at Barryville 3 3 miles Book Now
Meet at River Beach 2.5 3 miles Book Now