Dual Racing Ziplines

Dual Racing Ziplines

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This adrenaline filled ride will thrill the zip out of you! Whether you are zipping to take in the view, or for bragging rights, this ride is sure to excite you.

It is one of the largest Big Zips in the US! Drop 36 stories from the top of our own private mountain. Zip through and above the treetops, 150 feet in the air while taking in the magnificent bird’s eye view of the Delaware River. Depending on participant’s weight speeds of 40-60 MPH are reached. Your ride takes place on NY side of the Delaware River towards the end the lines parallel Route 97. You can wave to the passing cars, this ride is a traffic stopper!!

Your entire experience will last about 40-45 minutes. Depending on your weight, the wind, and other factors, actual zipping time will be about 1-2 minutes.

We operate April through October weather permitting. In the off season, it’s important to call ahead, as sometimes we will close the ziplines early. Reservations are recommended, and walk ins are welcome, although a reservation will ensure your preferred time to zip. We are busiest on weekends and holidays including; Independence Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day. Reservations are highly recommended for these dates.


– Every participant must sign a Kittatinny Canoes Zip Ride – Waiver. A parent or legal guardian must sign a waiver for riders under the age of 18.
– Ride is open to persons 8 and older.
– Riders must weigh between 60-250 pounds.
– Riders must be able to understand and follow instructions in English
– Closed-toed shoes required

Conditions Prohibiting Participation

– Pregnancy
– Participants with recent, reoccurring, or existing injuries (neck, back pain etc.)
– Participants with muscularskeletal, epilepsy or seizure disorders
– Participants under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
– Participants with heart conditions that could require immediate medical attention



What are the Dual Racing Ziplines?

A thrill ride down a 3,000 + ft long, 3/4” galvanized steel cable!!! Participants will be fitted in a Bonsai Full Body Harness and safety helmet. The harness is attached to a Bonsai racing trolley. While zipping above the mountain’s treetops, view the Delaware River to the left of you and the campground below.

I’ve never done this before what should I expect?

Prior to departure to the launch tower participants are given a safety briefing and short “ground school” session. Your entire experience will last about 40-45 minutes. Depending on your weight, the wind, and other factors, actual zipping time will be about 1-2 minutes. The Dual Racing Ziplines start at the top of our mountain at the launch tower and end near the campground store at the landing tower.

Is it safe?  What are the physical requirements?

Our racing ziplines are built with state of the art safety equipment. Our guides and operations adhere to the Association for Challenge Course Technology standards. Due to the nature of this activity there is risk involved. Please understand you must be in adequate physical condition to zip. Participants must be able to walk up and down steps on our zip towers, perform proper braking position, steer themselves, and listen while complying with instruction given. Participants must be comfortable with zipline guides fitting them with their harness, which requires close interaction.
Alcohol, prescription and non-prescription drugs, of any type may impair your judgment!
You must be between 60-250 lbs to zip.

What if I weigh…under 60 or over 250 lbs can I go? Am I going to be weighed?

If you do not weigh between 60-250 lbs, you cannot zip. The release form signed by each participant states you are between 60 and 250 lbs. Participants who look close to weight requirements or are unaware of their weight, may be weighed for verification.

What should I bring?

  • Any medication you would need in a moment’s notice.
  • Appropriate dress for current weather conditions. (No baggy clothing items such as scarves and no dangling jewelry)
  • Closed-toed shoes or strapped footwear required.(No flip-flops)
  • Eye protection is recommended. Bring sunglasses. Bring ski/snowboard goggles in colder temperatures. Especially if you race, mascara will run and eyes will tear!!
  • Feel free to bring your GoPro or any camera to record you ride, we recommend it has a strap or clamp. You may want to record your second zip, so you can get the feel of what to expect first.

Do I need a reservation?

To ensure the best experience for the participant, reservations are encouraged. Based on guide availability we will do our best to accommodate you if you arrive with no reservation. Reservations are booked on the half hour.

Can we Zip in rain, snow, wind?

Yes. However course will be closed temporarily in certain conditions, like high winds, lightning and thunder, and limited visibility from precipitation. We reopen as soon as conditions become favorable.


  • Dual Racing Ziplines: 3854 State Route 97 Barryville, NY, 12719
  • Experience is compared to a 36 story drop.
  • Cable varies in height from ground level, at some points reaching 150 feet, and is over a half a mile long!! One of the longest BIG ZIPS on the east coast.
  • Depending on participant’s weight, speeds of 40-60 are reached.
  • Ziplines do not cross over the Delaware River. Your entire ride takes place on NY side of the Delaware, towards the end, the lines parallel Route 97.You can wave to the passing cars, this ride is a traffic stopper!!

Kittatinny Canoes Zip Ride – Waiver

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Dual Racing Zipline Rates
Rates are per ride, applied to same rider. This does not include sales tax. Rates are subject to change.
Number of Rides
Applies to Same Rider
Daily per Person
Saturday or Sunday
Daily per Person
1 $37 $39
2 $57 $59
3 $77 $79
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